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About the work

"A technique called Mixed Media of Printmaking and Collage"

I create mainly mixed media artwork, combining a collage of copperplate-made-etched prints on Japanese paper, watercolors, Chinese ink.

The colors particularity of my work come from the infinite possibility of prints, which I use like a painter uses different paint colors. I made them with different types of Japanese paper, different thicknesses and textures in various colors and designs.


At a time when I was thinking about how to make a living as a professional printmaking artist, I realized that I couldn't make a work bigger than the size of the copperplate itself, so I decided to explore different possibilities that allowed me to maintain good quality and to be as much as possible free in my artistic expression.

As a result of many trials and errors, I came to use this mixed media technic by using collage that allows me to create artwork without any size restrictions and to express my unique artistic vision.


Asuka Irie


Solo Exhibitions (Gallery)

Solo Exhibitions (Special)

Group Exhibitions

Art Fairs

In addition to solo exhibitions at museums, department stores, and art galleries nationwide, Asuka takes part in art fairs in Japan and overseas. But she also collaborated with La Maison Du Whiskey (France) for bottle labels, with publishers for book design, with hotels to design a hotel room and department stores for show windows installation.
Currently, her collection of works "The Whereabouts of the Wind: The Shadow of Life" (Tokyo Art) is on sale.
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